GEORGE FLEMING - 'faithful servant'

The Kindle version of 'George Fleming - faithful servant' does not include illustrations that appear in the paperback version. This page is provided for the convenience of Kindle purchasers who might wish to view same, particularly the appendices*.

*During the 19th century, people had large families and in areas of the UK, particularly SE England, certain family names were very common, including 'Wood' and 'Goldsmith'. Appendices 1-5 assist the book's readers to clarify 'who was who'!

By Leopold Cleave
By Leopold Cleave

Illustrations and family trees


George Fleming.

Born 1815 in Buxted, Sussex.  

In service to the Duchess of Kent and Queen Victoria from 1830 to 1885.

Died 1895 in Acton, London.





Adelaide Fleming

Born 1855 in Adelaide Cottage, Windsor Home Park. Married Randal Webb. Died 1943 in Acton.


Mary Ann Goldsmith.

Born 1816 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

In service to Queen Victoria  1837 - 1885.

Married George Fleming 1839.

7 or 8 children.

Died 1897 in Acton




Alfred Fleming.

Born 1853 in Adelaide Cottage, Windsor Home Park.

Became a Brewer. Emigrated with family to Wilberforce, Canada. Died 1931.


Uncle Leopold (left) & Harold Cleave in 'The Grotto', Windsor Home Park, circa 1935.


Uncle Leopold Cleave with the Housekeeper at Adelaide Cottage, Windsor Home Park circa 1935.


Oldest photo of Adelaide Cottage main entrance and Fleming accommodation, late 1800s.


1935 photo of Adelaide Cottage main entrance and Housekeeper's accommodation.




Early photo of George and Mary Ann Fleming with one of their children, possibly Maria Lucy Hosmer Fleming born 1841.





George Fleming, Page of the Backstairs to HM Queen Victoria.

Uncle William Wood born 1781 at Horsted Keynes, Sussex.

Spy, smuggler and successful nurseryman.

Died in 1863 at Woodlands, Maresfield

Location and extent of Woodlands Nursery at Tyes Gate Maresfield Sussex


Mayor Thomas Cleave born 1806 in Windsor, Berkshire.

Builder, auctioneer, undertaker, footwear shopkeeper.

Died 1886 at Eastry, Kent.


William Cleave born 1841 in Windsor Berks. 

Educated Marlb'rough.

Married Maria Lucy Hosmer Fleming at Windsor Old Church in 1864.

Joined father's business.




Maria Cleave and her first-born Leopold, born 1866 in Windsor. Godson to Princess Helena.



George Fleming's first grandson, Leopold Cleave, joined the staff at Windsor Castle as a young man, initially as a clerk and photographer, then promoted to Chief Tapissier.

Firstly Tebbott business, subsequently Cleave & Underhay, 

Sheet Street, Windsor.

George Fleming at the rear of their retirement home, 'Victoria' 22 Woodhurst Rd.,  Acton.

Atheralls Farm, Fletching
Atheralls Farm, Fletching


In 1844 the Prince of Prussia gave George a gold watch following an arduous tour of the UK.

Princess Helena gave Leopold Cleave (b. 1866), George & Mary Ann’s first grandchild, a Christening Cup on becoming his Godmother.

In memory of Prince Albert, on 26th August 1867, his birth date, George received from the Queen a book on the Prince’s life.

When Prince Leopold reached 21 in April 1873 he gave George a combination knife, pen & pencil set, in silver, plus a portrait of himself.

On her 47th birthday the Queen gave George a framed photo of herself.

New Year 1878 was marked by the Queen’s gift to George of the 2nd volume of Prince Albert’s life story and by Princess Beatrice with a print of herself.

And on her 49th birthday she gave him a print of her own publication ‘Book of Leaves’.

For her 50th birthday the Queen celebrated with champagne for all and George received two Prints.

To mark George’s 50 years of service, on 8th December 1880, the Queen presented him with a clock and the Empress of Germany (Vicky) gave him a gold pin.

George’s New Year 1883 present from the Queen was a silver cruet set.


When Adelaide Fleming married, the Queen gave her  a set of 12 silver teaspoons and sugar tongs.

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