ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 24 September 2018
Since when did we keep our socks in a DRAW. Some people seem to think so. A 'DRAW' js the last act in the process of conducting a raffle. To draw is what we do with a pencil. We keep our socks in a cabinet DRAWER.
ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 23 September 2018
YOU, YOUR and YOU'RE (short for YOU ARE) are words that people constantly get mixed up. YOU driving is terrible. NO!!! YOUR driving is terrible . YOUR driving me mad. NO!!! YOU'RE driving me mad.
ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 21 September 2018
Have you noticed that many people leave the AR out of REGULARLY? Listen carefully to NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arderne whenever you hear her speaking! I play tennis REGULY. NO!!! I play tennis REGULAAAAARRRRRLY Click below to hear.

ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 20 September 2018
People universally cannot differentiate between singulars and plurals, especially use of 'HERE'S (HERE IS). "HERE'S SOME OF THE CONTESTANTS". NO!!! Either "HERE'S A CONTESTANT" or "HERE ARE SOME OF THE CONTESTANTS".
ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 19 September 2018
Mark Richardson, ex-international cricketer and now a radio and TV 'talker', is anti 'PC' and likes to speak his mind on many subjects, but he is not in favour of good English.