AS THE STOMACH CHURNS · 24 September 2018
TV News features the Duch of Suss meeting her wedding dress designer, who has to CURTSY to the American ex actress! Meghan then goes on to explain to her gullible audience that she had secretly arranged for her dress to have emblems of all the Commonwealth countries sewn into the hem, as a surprise for her husband! Yeah, right. He must have been thrilled to bits! Harry and Meg are due in Oz and NZ soon. Will all the diggers and kiwis be bowing and curtsying? Not long ago Ms Markle was knocking...

ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 24 September 2018
Since when did we keep our socks in a DRAW. Some people seem to think so. A 'DRAW' js the last act of in the process of conducting a raffle, or to draw is what we do with a pencil. We keep our socks in a cabinet DRAWER.
ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 23 September 2018
YOU, YOUR and YOU'RE (short for YOU ARE) are words that people constantly get mixed up. YOU driving is terrible. NO!!! YOUR driving is terrible . YOUR driving me mad. NO!!! YOU'RE driving me mad.
GOLF · 22 September 2018
How soul destroying can a perfect drive be when it hits a rock in the centre of the fairway and disappears out of bounds?

ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 21 September 2018
Have you noticed that people almost always leave the AR out of REGULARLY? I play tennis REGULY. NO!!! I play tennis REGULAAAAARRRRRLY Click below to hear.

GOLF · 20 September 2018
We move to a house overlooking a golf course. The good news - A beautiful view. The bad news - Our babe is in danger!

ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 20 September 2018
People universally cannot differentiate between singulars and plurals, especially use of 'HERE'S (HERE IS). "HERE'S SOME OF THE CONTESTANTS". NO!!! Either "HERE'S A CONTESTANT" or "HERE ARE SOME OF THE CONTESTANTS".
GENERAL · 19 September 2018
The use of 'kindles' as a cost effective and convenient way of reading books is not popular universally because many people do not understand how to go about using them. This article will help.

ENGLISH AS IT SHOULD BE.... · 19 September 2018
Mark Richardson, ex-international cricketer and now a radio and TV 'talker', is anti 'PC' and likes to speak his mind on many subjects, but he is not in favour of good English.

GOLF · 18 September 2018
I grew up in England believing that golf was only for posh people and so it was in the early days, but our empire builders weren't so stuffy about the game.

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