(Vessels, storage tanks, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers etc)

6.8.A. Early estimating of equipment weights

Particularly during the planning stages of a project, before any engineering and design details have been released, there is a need to have indications of equipment weights, so that assessments of craneage requirements can be initiated. In general, dimensions of items such as major vessels, towers, heat exchangers and compressors etc can be 'guestimated' during the front end phase, but not necessarily their weights. Given such dimensions, the following calculator can be used provisionally, resulting in an indication of major lifting requirements. Another use might be when an item of equipment has to be lifted, but for some reason a record of its weight is not available. Note: This calculator should not be used solely as a basis for proceeding with an actual crane lift, without there being other corroborating evidence that the crane's capacity is more than adequate and the usual method studies and risk assessments have been undertaken.

To see a hypothetical example, click Real time sync below, enter secret key 'equipment' and click connect.


6.8.B. Estimating a manhour budget for site lifting program.

Lifting by crane, or other means, of items such as towers, columns, tanks, boilers, generators, exhaust stacks, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers etc that are to be installed permanently in a plant facility.  This calculator facilitates preparation of an equipment list and calculation of manhours/costs required to erect all mechanical items. The 'Identifier' can be the designated equipment number (eg V.3124) or a description). Only approximate weights needed. A single input of the total number of all items less than 0.5t is required.

Total manhours will be calculated and linked to the second sheet, where user can create an S-curve and histogram for planning purposes and later plot actual progress and actual equivalent manpower usage for monitoring/corrective processes, if required.


6.8.C. Mechanical EMMA