CORNWALL VIDEOS - Just click a town/number, followed by your full screen button.


FALMOUTH 1 - Touristy, but some nice scenery.

FALMOUTH 2 - Ditto

FALMOUTH 3 - Ditto

FALMOUTH 4 - If you fancy a 10 minute drive around the streets, fine, but the colour quality and clarity are not of the best.

FALMOUTH 5 - Few scenes and mainly promotional.

FALMOUTH 6 - Some nice filming, but a lot of talking.

FALMOUTH 7 - If you have half an hour to spare, can tolerate much repeated music, enjoy shop window 'fuddling' and know Falmouth well, the first part could be interesting. The second half is devoted to a young, but quite talented  street singer from Surrey!

FALMOUTH 8 - Mainly about the annual Falmouth Week in August, but very entertaining.


FOWEY 1 - Another short but good introductory video by 'Visit Cornwall' which provides examples of the town's features and talks about former resident Daphne du Maurier.

FOWEY 2 - For something quite different and amusing "Walking World", aka Mr & Mrs Adams, take you on a walk around the town, providing historical details as they go.


NEWQUAY 1 - This brief BBC introduction talks mostly about the surf!

NEWQUAY 2 - Mainly for prospective tourists and heavily promotional, younger viewers will enjoy this quite long film.

NEWQUAY 3 - Initially all beach, this wide screen, soundless shortie provides some unusual happenings in the town's centre.

NEWQUAY 4 - A long drive around the area and if you can put up with the background noise, including the car radio, a good impression of greater Newquay will be gained!


PENZANCE 1 - Well made introduction to the town, Morrab Gardens, St Michael's Mount, Art Galleries & a vineyard!

PENZANCE 2 - By visiting Kiwis. No commentary and a few nice sequences around the town, together with internal shots of their B & B!

PENZANCE 3 - A very good little production by an estate agent, including surrounding areas.

PENZANCE 4 - Made by an American visitor this short video shows us the town and in particular a sea food restaurant! 


St IVES 1 - Made by Devon & Cornwall TV the main purpose is to plug the local surf school, but only briefly. Otherwise some nice shots of the town.

St IVES 2 - Short but sweet. Nice scenic work by Paul Dinning. Only the seagulls on the soundtrack.

St IVES 3 - 'Biscuitsalive' takes you on a long walk around the coastline (plenty of water) and eventually through the town. Only music and natural sounds. Very relaxing.

St IVES 4 - A good quality RoadCarVideo tour of the town, obviously during a quiet time of day and out of season!

St IVES 6 - A short guide by 'Visit Cornwall' including chats with the mayor and other notable locals and a ride on the train that serves the town.


TRURO 1 - Short but sweet intro (no commentary) to the city, the Falmouth connection and the cathedral.

TRURO 2 - Also sans commentary this slightly longer production takes in the city's side streets as well its main features.

TRURO 3 - The city, cathedral and yet more side streets appear in this musical background only video.

TRURO 4 - The mayor is interviewed strolling around a remarkably sunny and traffic free city with plenty of pedestrian activity around him.

TRURO 5 - A car ride that whips you around on a a very quick circuit of the city's unusually clear streets, but eventually comes to a halt in a traffic queue. Best to turn off the sound effects.

TRURO 6 - The city on 4th June 1990 will bring back memories for locals especially if they spot familiar faces.