BOOK 1. George Fleming, "faithful servant" - The lives of the British Royal Family; my great, great grandfather; his family; and relatives, during the 19th century.

The kindle version of George Fleming, "faithful servant" does not contain illustrations that can be seen in the paperback version. For the convenience of kindle purchasers, therefore, CLICK to see pictures & graphics.

Book 2. A Life of Travel (sorry family!)

Extract from Chapter/Book 1: Nearly all long distance travel in the 1940s was by train and during that journey I recall sitting in a carriage with my mother, possibly in Basingstoke station, surrounded by British ‘Tommies’ (soldiers) eating sandwiches. Whistles were being blown, with shouts of “mind the doors”, the train was leaving the station. But where was my father?! He had got off the train for some reason and had not yet rejoined us. Major puffing noises and spinning of wheels from the steam engine at the front of the train, violent jerks of our carriage! Panic, we were going to leave without him! Heads out of the carriage window, there he was, running along the platform to where someone was holding a door open for him and within two ticks he was back with us. (England 1944) 

In the 21st century, where the driver of a main line express virtually has to touch a button and his train glides rapidly out of a station, it is hard to imagine that in the days of steam, the same train could take several minutes to get clear of a platform!

BOOK 3. - Industrial Construction - A Handbook. Passing on 40 years of experience in supervising and managing the construction of power plant, oil refineries, factories etc.



This book, which can be purchased in either kindle or paperback formats, is based on the web-page 'CONSTRUCTING HEAVY INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS (CHIP)' and covers all subjects addressed by CHIP. In addition, HTML codes for all EMMAs and Calculators, are provided free in the book, enabling purchaser to copy and embed same in his/her personal web-page or in any hosted web-page.

BOOK 4 - ALONSO - English in kindle & paperback. French in kindle only.

BOOK 5. How to manage on-site manpower planning for multi-discipline construction projects & avoid overruns.

WHY THE BOOK? - As newly appointed replacement Construction Director PMC for a $1bn oil refinery mega-project in S.E. Asia, I arrived on site to find that construction was little more than 50% complete and only 12 months remained in which the main EPC contractor, a major international engineering & construction company, had to complete the project. A PMC (Project Management Contractor) has several key responsibilities, one being to closely monitor the main contractor’s planning and progress, persuading him when necessary to increase resources in order to complete on schedule, at the same time reporting any problems to client. We duly launched an investigation to determine the amounts of work outstanding in the various disciplines, the rates at which progress would have to be achieved, the man-hours that would need to be liquidated and the manpower levels that would be required to complete on schedule. We found that the work force, comprising a multitude of sub-contractors, needed increasing substantially. We duly informed all parties and issued S-curves/histograms to back up our findings.......


BOOK 6.  Royal Windsor Families of the 19th Century


The town of Windsor, in the county of Berkshire, England has been very much in the news of late, worldwide, due to a certain Royal Wedding! Windsor originally was not always the nicest of places to live, in spite of its beautiful setting on the river Thames and the magnificent castle in its midst, but in the 19th century improvements began to take place. This book tells the stories of several of the towns families, whose members made things happen, led by a creative and not always insane King George III. Read about the Tebbotts, the Cleaves, the Goulds and the Flemings, their achievements, their trials and their tribulations.

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