DISTANT MATCH 1 - DM (Krebs Tree - Managed by Doemac_1) In this tree I found a Nell Farrell, who married a Richard Joseph Klohr. I then researched and pieced the following story together.

Having found the John Farrell who married Rosa in Iowa and fathered Bernard, there still remained the family story that two Farrells left Dublin for America and that one had become an officer in the civil war. When I first found Nell I had no idea that she might lead me to our second person, but as I proceeded to check her family tree the information revealed was extremely good and everything fell into place, for a second but much older John Farrell. The facts are as follows:

  • This John would appear to have been born in Dublin, 1845. 
  • In 1862 John aged 17 arrived NY and volunteered for the army. Served in K Company of the 140th New York Infantry Regiment (Volunteer) and de-mobbed at the end of the war as a NCO (Non Commissioned Officer or Sergeant). 
  • Then found employment as a store clerk in NY  where several John Farrells born in Ireland were listed in the 1870 census, only one of them a “clerk in a store”. (He would have had a good education)
  • Back in Dublin the family had met with disaster and arrangements were made for young John, perhaps his cousin, to join the older John in NY. 
  • Subsequently they travelled up to Missouri looking for work.
  • John senior met Mollie McCune whose father worked for the post office.
  • They lived in Pike where a John Farrell was listed as a veteran post office appointee in 1872 (He had clerical experience).
  • In 1875/6 John Sen & Mollie married and their first child Edward was born.
  • John Jun then moved on to the Iowa region where aged 22 he met Rosa etc etc.
  • Nellie was born in 1885
  • John Farrell senior died aged abt 53 no later than 1898 and wife Mollie was entitled to a veterans pension. 

Guaranteed true? - No but facts fit the story.

DISTANT MATCH 2 - NP (Frederick Tree managed by JIMGPJR). Here I found Margaret Farrell with a long line of Mathews stretching back to the mid 18th century and needing more work to verify accuracy. If leads such as this one could be confirmed we might get a much clearer picture of our Farrell origins.

DISTANT MATCH 3 - Susie7000 The Farrell connection here is very distant but rather interesting. A Bridget or Ellen Farrell of Limerick gave birth to Catherine in 1812, the father being the 14 year old son of the local 'Lord of the Manor', or maybe it was the Lord himself! In contact with Susie of South Hants and both of us would love to know more!