6.8.1. Mech. Equip continued Estimating a manhour budget for tower internals.

The most common form of tower internal is the process 'tray', 'bubble cap' or 'sieve' type.  Enter the number of trays to be fitted in a tower according to its diameter, metric or US/Imp. Real time Sync can be used to interact with colleagues and this calculator remains exclusively user's property until no longer required.

For a hypothetical example click Real time sync at bottom of tabulation, enter secret key 'bubbles' and click connect. Welding site assembled storage tanks & vessels.

Generally large storage tanks are erected and welded on site from 'piece small', involving extensive welding together of steel plates. From time to time, where large cranes are not available, or where access limitations prevent use of a crane, large pressure vessels must be shipped to site in sections and welded together. An indication of welder manpower requirements for a given job can be obtained using this calculator, for which must be inputted (white cells), in feet & inches (automatic metric conversions)  the tank's diameter and height, plate sizes and thicknesses likely to be used, and welder production rates (Chart (pink) provided). Resultant calculations for ball park assessments only.

For a hypothetical example, click Real time sync at foot of tabulation, enter secret key 'platework' and click connect.