6.7.1. Estimate/Plan/Track/Control - Structural steel

A multi-purpose EMMA can be used for all structural steel works on a project, quantified in tens, hundreds or thousands of tons or tonnes 

The EMMA comprises 3 'pages', namely 'INPUT' (Basic data that must be inputted in order for the EMMA to function), 'TABLES' (Spreadsheets for inputting target & actual progress percentages, manhours etc), and 'CHARTS' (Where inputted speadsheets are presented as S-curves & histograms). The EMMA can be used:

  • to set up a target rate of progress (S-curve);
  • to set an estimate of man-hours, converted to manpower requirements (histogram);
  • to record units measured as complete each month;
  • to record man-hours consumed each month, thereby automatically comparing the actual rate of progress and actual usage of manpower, with planned rates.
  • furthermore, unsatisfactory trends can thereby be identified and work re-scheduled, along with automatic revisions to manpower requirements, that will lead achievement of target completion.

Initial requirements for inputting are:

  • the estimated total quantity;
  • definition of the unit (eg mt);
  • an estimate of man-hours required per unit;
  • the average number of hours to be worked each day;
  • the average number of days to be worked each week.

Thereafter, inputting should be in accordance with notes provided. NOTE: For the EMMA to work, values must be inputted to all lines in Sheet 2 TABLES, from Month 1.

Use of an EMMA will be of particular interest to anyone with responsibility for getting a work scope package completed on or ahead of schedule. 




6.7.2. Structural & access steel by category

Given a detailed breakdown of the steelwork scope of works, quantified by categories, this calculator will provide a reasonable estimate of man-hours required. For a hypothetical example, click Real time sync at foot of tabulation, enter secret key word 'category' and click connect.

6.7.3. Weights of steel plates for safe lifting.