Importing/exporting material to/from a site

Following a cut/fill operation and/or excavations of material for foundations, pits or underground services, surplus may have to be loaded into trucks and transported off site, perhaps to a dumping ground or as fill for another purpose. Conversely fill could have to be imported to site. In either situation an expensive trucking operation might be involved, depending on distances to be travelled and early planning based on the most economical use of trucks is always advisable. This calculator provides an opportunity to compare truck capacities and distances to be travelled, plus cost thereof if rates can be obtained.

As an example. if (say) the haul distance was to be 10km, at an average speed of 40kph, having loaded in 0.2 hours, the outward journey would take +/- 0.25 hours. Having off-loaded in (say) 0.2 hours, the return journey empty, at a higher average speed of say 50kph, would take 0.2 hours and with an allowance for driver breaks, unavoidable traffic delays etc, an overall period for one round trip would be +/- 1 hour. Using an amount of 12000 cu. metres to be transported, operating on average 8 hours per day, 6 days per week, the calculator tells us that one 5 cu. metre capacity truck will do the job in +/- 50 weeks, or 2 trucks 25 weeks. It is important to note, however, that any calculations of this nature can only be indicative, there being many other factors that might affect operating conditions when work gets under way. For example, where a long haul is involved, can drivers work 12 hour shifts, etc etc?

To review this hypothetical example in the calculator, click Real time sync, enter the secret name 'trucking' and click connect.