A generic 'EMMA' for work with bulk electrical quantities.

A multi-purpose EMMA can be used for any 'bulk' activity, involving a physically measurable unit of construction work scope that is quantified in tens, hundreds or thousands. For example, electrical cable tray or racking or cable laying/pulling are ideal individual subjects for this EMMA. Alternatively see 1.2. to calculate manhours for all these activities combined.


The EMMA comprises 3 'pages', namely 'INPUT' (Basic data that must be inputted in order for the EMMA to function), 'TABLES' (Spreadsheets for inputting target & actual progress percentages, manhours etc), and 'CHARTS' (Where inputted spreadsheets are presented as S-curves & histograms). The EMMA can be used:

  • to set up a target rate of progress (S-curve);
  • to set an estimate of man-hours, converted to manpower requirements (histogram);
  • to record units measured as complete each month;
  • to record man-hours consumed each month, thereby automatically comparing the actual rate of progress and actual usage of manpower, with planned rates.
  • furthermore, unsatisfactory trends can thereby be identified and work re-scheduled, along with automatic revisions to manpower requirements, that will lead achievement of target completion.

Initial requirements for inputting are:

  • the estimated total quantity;
  • definition of the unit (eg m3);
  • an estimate of man-hours required per unit;
  • the average number of hours to be worked each day;
  • the average number of days to be worked each week.

Thereafter, inputting should be in accordance with notes provided.

Use of an EMMA will be of particular interest to anyone with responsibility for getting a work scope package completed on or ahead of schedule.


6.11.B. Earthing tape, cable racks & trays, cables, terminations

The following calculator can be used for manhours involved in any one, or all, of the activities associated with cabling that are included. As well as inputting quantities, User can also change the unit manhour rates provided, for rates more in keeping with that User's environment.

To see a hypothetical example, click Real-time Sync, enter secret key 'electrified' and click connect.