6.9.5. PIPING GENERAL Miscellaneous field piping activities. Carbon steel.

Threaded/screwed pipe joints; pipe bends; steam tracing; pipe supporting; strainers; cold cuts. Handling steel piping - Weights for lifting/support purposes

When lifting steel piping on a construction site, a prior indication of the weight(s) involved is normal, both for determining crane capacity requirements and, especially, for all round safety. Offloading of a shipment or preparing assemblies for installation/erection are the most common examples. This Calculator will provide such an indication, but should not be used for heavy or complex lifts where a rigging study, with engineering input, might be required. Water requirements for hydrotesting piping and/or vessels/towers/tanks (Indicative)

Large volumes of water can be required for hydrotest purposes, under pressure or static, and resources of good quality cannot always be relied on. For planning purposes this Calculator can be used for a single length of pipe, or an individual vessel, or for a large test pack inclusive of piping and several vessels/tanks/towers. INSTALLING UNDERGROUND PIPING