Your host for this website is semi-retired construction engineer, Peter (aka Mike) Farrell. During 40 years in the business of constructing industrial plants around the world, he collected a considerable amount of information, much of which will be useful as long as people continue to build such facilities, virtually in perpetuity. "Constructing Industrial Projects" is intended as a vehicle to pass this knowledge on to anyone who can make use of it, absolutely free. Mike is a 'Kiwi' living near Tauranga, New Zealand, from where he operates a quick response construction documentation review service via e-mail.


• Originally trained as a Marine Engineer, Mike entered the construction industry as a supervisor on nuclear power stations for the UK’s Central Electricity Generating Board.

• Subsequently he has held positions variously as Field Engineer, Construction Superintendent, Planner, Contracts Administrator, Site Manager, home office Construction Engineer, Resident Construction Manager, QA Manager, Studies/Proposals/Business Development Manager, and Construction Director.

• Projects have included oil & gas (onshore & offshore), chemicals & petrochemicals, mining & minerals, power generation, pharmaceuticals & general industrial facilities.

• Main employers have been English Electric(UK), Humphreys & Glasgow(UK), Murray & Roberts(SA), George Wimpey(UK), Selection Trust(UK & Australia), & Foster Wheeler(UK & USA).

• Clients have included CEGB, NW Gas Board, Shell, BP, Exxon/Esso, Mossgas, Petronas, Total, Chevron, Anglo American, Caltex

• Apart from working within the UK & Ireland, assignments have taken Mike to Ghana, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Australia, the Middle East, USA, various Latin American countries, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & Mali, as well as short visits to other countries for studies & proposals activities.

• Mike is computer literate, self equipped, and competent in several software packages, including MS Project (Planning), Word, Excel (Spreadsheets) & Powerpoint (Presentations). Good interpersonal & presentation skills.  

1 IRO market price when bought in small packaged quantities