'A LIFE OF TRAVEL (sorry family)' by Peter (aka Mike) Farrell

The story of a British expatriate's travels around the world on construction projects and the trials and tribulations thereby experienced by his long suffering wife and family.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The book is big and the paperback, due to Amazon's pricing structure, is expensive. The kindle is a third of the price, but if in doubt, try a $1.00 read of a chapter before deciding to buy the full works. Book/chapter numbers and titles can be seen below and by scrolling further down you can choose a corresponding number to get a preview of your choice.


$1.00 Reads - Either the full story can be purchased from Amazon in kindle (+/- US$10.00) or paperback (+/- $32.00), or any selection of 25 individual chapters can be obtained in kindle (only) at approx US$1.00 each. The above numbered books are repeated below, identified by the main geographical interest for each. CLICK below to go!