TV News recently featured the "Duchess of Sussex" meeting her wedding dress designer, who curtsied (YES, CURTSIED, AARRGGH!) to the American ex actress! Meghan then went on to explain to her gullible audience that before the wedding she had secretly arranged for her dress to have emblems of all the Commonwealth countries sewn into the hem, as a surprise for her husband! Yeah, right, we believe you Meggie. He must have been thrilled to bits! Probably sits and looks at it every night instead of Coro Street. By the way, how much did that pointless little extra cost?

Harry and Meg are due in Oz and NZ soon. Will all the diggers and kiwis be bowing and curtsying?  Not long ago Ms Markle was knocking around NZ in a camper van. As Mark R  would rightly say - What a load of bollocks!

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