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Di's on-line gift stall is open, offering her home crafted earrings, bracelets. tote bags, ear warmers and taggies, all in aid of the Chase Foundation, a charity registered in New Zealand. Prices include postage and generous discounts therefore apply for large orders.

As a bonus, more than 140 recipes are shared for free..

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Are you a DIY type? A handy person? Do you live remote from a big hardware store? Yes? Then you must have experienced frustration when needing a few small items of hardware to complete a job.

You use valuable time to go and buy a few screws or nails; they cost a bomb; come in packages containing more than you need; and when you add on the cost of petrol etc, those nails have cost more than their weight in gold! Solution? Shop on-line at Mini-mart!

On-line shopping should not be regarded merely as a means to buying goods cheaper than in the shops. In fact there is much to be said also for paying a little above the average simply in order to benefit from a few other very important aspects, not least the protection of our environment, all of which save money! Our reasoning follows:


"Mini-Mart makes best possible use of our national icon"

 Kiwis are often put off by the cost of a courier when added to the on-line purchase price of an item of merchandise. but small items can be delivered by NZ Post very economically. 'Mini-Mart' makes best possible use of our national icon, which runs a regular delivery service anyway, rather than use couriers who operate on an ad-hoc basis. That way we help keep down carbon emissions, albeit on a small scale, but every little helps!


 "take your time, click on links and zoom in close on the little things, all from the comfort of your favourite chair!"


Ever been in a shop and become irritated by having to search through a whole array of products to find what you really need, with the family impatiently waiting for you to get on with it and then, when you maybe find what you want, you can't read the small print instructions? Or hey, what about that helpful assistant who wants to stand at your elbow and rush you into buying the wrong thing? In the on-line shop you can take your time, click on links and zoom in close on the little things, all from the comfort of your favourite chair!


 "most items only need one form of packaging for mailing and that will usually be paper and/or cardboard"


Have you noticed a lot of talk recently about the damage being done in the world by plastics, mostly those used for packaging, protection or carrying of merchandise? Items bought on-line mostly only need one form of packaging for mailing and that will usually be paper and/or cardboard.


"free up time for doing more important and productive things"


There is nothing more time wasting than having to roam around a town, shopping for this and that, only to find that they haven't got the particular size or model that you need and 'if you come in again next week we should have what you want'! Get it all done on-line and you will free up time for doing more important and productive things, like earning your living!


"getting there is becoming an expensive luxury"


Noticed the price of fuel lately? Many people cannot comprehend that shopping on-line saves you money, not only because prices are lower than in the out of town mall, but also because getting there is becoming an expensive luxury. And it's not just the petrol price, but wear and tear on the car as well!


And finally, every trip to the mall (that you could avoid by on-line shopping), is pumping a few more grams of carbon into our atmosphere and we are going to pay for them eventually as well!

1 IRO market price when bought in small packaged quantities